Giorio: the history and development of a large group of wood artists.


Pierino Giorio possessed a culture and passion for wood, which drove him to establish a company in 1969 that would go on to become one of the biggest Italian companies working in the natural flooring and furniture industry. Giorio’s fine parquet floors, created using the best traditional artisan methods, have become a synonym of interior architecture and design, luxury furnishings and finishes, and now even sports floorings. The Giorio family’s commitment to quality and passion for materials, which is shared by their carefully selected team, has generated word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers ever since the seventies and eighties. This indirect promotion of the brand coincided perfectly with a period of economic recovery in Italy and the revival of the building industry. In the space of a few years, Giorio became an established and successful brand with a phenomenal increase in turnover and workload.

This growth was carefully monitored and controlled by the owner of the company, who paid great attention to every decision made, ensuring the business remained a beacon of excellence in its field. Every floor produced by Giorio becomes a true piece of design, adding warmth and embellishing any space. Giorio soon had to face the task of internal reorganisation, developing from a small artisan company to a whole group of companies. A few decades later, Giorio launched Alma, a brand of wooden floors that enjoyed immediate success both in Italy and abroad.

Giorio Casa, another brand with strong international appeal, was developed for the field of interior design and architecture. After a brief period, Giorio Casa opened a branch in Beijing in China and started the Villusso project.

Parquet has always been synonymous with indoor sports, especially sports such as basketball, volleyball or five-a-side football, with millions of installations, players and fans all over the world. It was therefore a natural step for Giorio to specialise in the field of sports flooring, launching the Adisportfloor brand, which achieved immediate success thanks to the quality and performance offered to athletes.

The company has opened a flagship store for the traditional Italian market in the bustling heart of Milan, right in the centre, close to the Arco della Pace (Arch of Peace). It marks the inauguration of a display area offering a space in which to showcase parquet made by Giorio, but also a space in which to promote the most important Italian furniture manufacturers

With the acquisition of a new establishment in Hungary Terra da Bosco, Giorio srl focused on the production of wooden floors, in particular, laminated, classic and traditional solid designs.

Alma,wooden floors


The name Alma is synonymous of high quality parquet. Alma is one of the most renowned brands of wooden flooring and is well established in both the Italian and international markets thanks to the wide range of solutions offered. Alma combines the warmth and naturalness of wood with exclusive finishes and will enhance any space. A combination of the best raw materials and the latest trends in the world of parquet has created a series of collections with a unique style thanks to their appearance, the way they feel to the touch or the look they create.

Vintage, classic, elegant or even modern, Alma flooring offers a captivating new look. Alma provides the most practical solutions taking into account the style preferred by its customers, guaranteeing professionalism, expertise and an unrivalled level of care.

Those who choose Alma, choose style and beauty without compromising on quality, the trademark of the Giorio brand.