Model Gautier

GAUTIER Model evokes an old Parisian street charm where antiquity and modernity join to generate new, elegant harmonies. Short slats of only 50 mm large create a dense interplay of locks that can enhance the most authentic wood features.

This parquet offers an original and sophisticated touch to any room and can blend with different styles. It is ideal for those who love to stand out with a discreet yet irresistible charm.


Essence: Oak
Structure: 2 layers
Installation system: T&G
Micro bevel 4L

Italian Herringbone – 90°
15/4 x 50 x 600 mm


    Essence: Oak
    Finishing: Laquered
    Surface: Brushed
    Grade: AB 


    Essence: Oak
    Finishing: Laquered
    Grade: C
    Treatment: Smoked T39