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Model Sari

Prestigious, resistant, and charming: Teak is one of the most beautiful and durable wood essences. If it is ancient, like the one used for SARI Model, then its qualities are duplicated for a truly incomparable effect. Our Teak Antico has boards from traditional Indonesian Archipelago houses and the central Jawa Island. This time-worn parquet is full of charm, history, and mystery.


Essence: Teak Antico
Structure: 2 layers
Installation system: T&G
Micro bevel 4L

Multi Lengths model
17/6 x 100/250 x 600/2400 mm


Technical sheet
Product sheet


    Essence: Antique Teak
    Finishing: Oiled-Waxed
    Surface: Glass Smoothed
    Grade: Unica