Technical informations

Use and maintenance

Depending on how much strain it is placed under, hardwood is subject to natural wear and tear. Marks of use on the surface can also occur on hard wood and high-quality surface treatments over the long term. This is why we recommend preventative measures and regular care.

Oiled-waxed parquet

Specially suited for particularly rich wood, it penetrates deeply, while maintaining the natural characteristics of wood. Adequate maintenance is recommended.

Installation instruction

There are two types of laying suitable for Alma parquet. Floating laying and gluing. In the first case, the parquet simply leans on a mattress on the floor, without the need to gluing it, using the M/F brackets of each table. When glued, the parquet is glued to the under floor or to a screed without any mattress.

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Finishes with reagents, smoked and steamed

The finishes with reagents/smoked/steamed are realized with reaction processes that interact directly with the tannin of the wood, enhancing the naturalness of the material. Consequently, given the characteristic of the reaction process used, the material just worked displays differently from the samples viewable at the showrooms, and already exposed for several months. However, we can ensure that in the space of a few months the maturation of the reaction process will lead to a change in tone. The peculiarities and characteristics of the finishes obtained by reaction should be enhanced and explained under negotiation, being the result of a natural material and not of a tint. It must be accepted that it may present variegated tone differences and shade variations from lot to lot.


Alma provides a 10-year warranty for the purchased product, based on the following terms and conditions:
The warranty covers all hidden defects at time of purchase with special regard to delamination of the wear layer within the warranty period. The guarantee covers regular use in public spaces and premises. The warranty does not cover use in humid and wet environments. The guarantee constitutes a supplement and not an exclusion from the statute of consumer rights.

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Oiled parquet

Dirt is the main cause of wear in wooden floors. For this reason, we recommend an appropriate maintenance. For the first month when the floor was laid, use natural or neutral oils soap every day. Do not use too much water during cleaning.

PDF Oiled Parquet

Laquered parquet

Laquered wood floors require specific detergents and a reviving wax in case of opacity of wood.

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  • A – UNI EN 13489

Straight flamed grain, uniform color, few and small knots tolerated.

  • B – UNI EN 13489

Straight flamed grain, possible spiral flame, sealed healthy knots of maximum dimension 2,5 cm and color variation admitted.

  • C – UNI EN 13489

Straight flamed grain, color variation admitted, sealed knots of maximum dimension 7 cm, few sapwood marks tolerated.

  • D – UNI EN 13489

Color variation, sealed knots no size limit, big repaired cracks and colore sapwood.

  • UNICA – UNI EN 13489

It’s an unique grade that could include all wood’s features, such as color variation, sealed knots of large dimension, big repaired cracks and colored sapwood.

Oxidation of wood

The newly produced wooden floor has a different colour than it will after some time, for the effect of oxidation that is a completely natural phenomenon occurring due to exposure of the parquet to light. Wood is a photosensitive material, for this it suffers the natural colour variation process following exposure to air and light, in particular due to the action of ultraviolet rays; this variation occurs mainly in the early periods of exposure to light. Depending on the wood species, the oxidation will be more or less evident; normally the woods tend to darken, except Teak and Thermo Oak that become lighter. For this reason, the new supply material can be different in tone than the sample viewed by the customer.